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Virginia Updates Newsletter for June 14, 2022

Hey folks! Glad you could join us today, after yesterday’s technical difficulties, we’re happy to share your latest VA Updates Newsletter 📰

➡️ In today’s newsletter, we have updates on Early voting results from across the state + reminders on which Congressional Districts are holding primaries. We also share updates on the Virginia State Budget + what the next few weeks will look like and we share news on wetlands that are in danger across the country.

We end the newsletter with VA Headlines that include new Boeing facilities at V-Tech, a pending lawsuit to send reps to re-election, the upcoming strawberry moon & finally, COVID-19 data.

Here’s this week's updates - we have news on;

▪️ Early Voting Update

▪️ Virginia State Budget

▪️ Wetlands in Danger

▪️ Virginia Headlines

▪️ COVID-19 Data

▪️ Vaccine Data

🗳 Early Voting Update

Early Voting is in full swing in Virginia's June Primary Election. Here are the early voting numbers as of 6/13/2022 according to VPAP, as well as an update on which districts are holding elections.

June Democratic Primary - Early Voting: 14,299

June Republican Primary - Early Voting: 13,507

Congressional Districts Holding Primaries:

1st Congressional District: No Primary

2nd Congressional District: Republican Primary

3rd Congressional District: Republican Primary

4th Congressional District: Republican Primary

5th Congressional District: No Primary

6th Congressional District: Republican Primary

7th Congressional District: Republican Primary

8th Congressional District: Democratic Primary

9th Congressional District: Republican Primary

10th Congressional District: No Primary

11th Congressional District: No Primary

💰 Virginia State Budget

Last week, lawmakers in Richmond sent Governor Glenn Youngkin their proposed budget for the next two years, and Youngkin has just a few more days to make his proposed revisions and return it to the General Assembly.

Youngkin is weighing an array of amendments to the state budget, including measures cutting the gas tax, advancing lab schools and delaying the early release of thousands of state prisoners. The governor has seven days from the time he received the budget to make his revisions and submit them for consideration.

More on the gas tax: Youngkin proposed a gas tax holiday which would suspend the tax for three months. He stated it would save 26 cents a gallon for regular and 27 cents a gallon for diesel. The proposal was rejected by Democrats, instead pushing a plan to send relief checks to state residents.

Last week, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported that lawmakers are expecting to return to the state capitol this Friday as the current budget runs out at the end of the month.

⚠️ Virginia Wetlands in Danger

New study shows that Virginia could lose 42 percent of tidal wetlands to sea level rise by 2100.

As sea levels rise, some of Virginia’s most valuable coastal wetlands, from the Chesapeake Bay marshes to the Great Dismal Swamp, are at risk of either being lost or migrating farther inland. New research published this month in Environmental Research Communications examines how wetlands are migrating across the U.S.

Virginia’s immediate waterfront communities are not the only ones to think about. Areas as far westward as Richmond and Fredericksburg are also at risk, as they border the tidal James, York and Rappahannock rivers.

Coastal wetlands, which are also known as tidal or salt marshes, are critical ecosystems that not only serve as a home to an array of fish, plants, birds and other species but store carbon and protect communities from encroaching seas.

📰 Virginia Headlines

Fox 5 DC - Boeing announce center for transitioning vets. Governor Glenn Youngkin visited Virginia Tech on Monday to help the university and Boeing announce their $50 million facility for military veterans transitioning to civilian life. The Boeing Center for Veteran Transition and Military Families will be located on Virginia Tech's Innovation Campus.

WTOP News - Judge expedites lawsuit seeking new Virginia House elections. A federal judge has agreed to an accelerated schedule for a new lawsuit that seeks to force members of Virginia’s House of Delegates to face unscheduled elections this fall. Author Jeff Thomas filed a lawsuit last week alleging the 2021 House of Delegates elections were invalid because they were held under districts drawn using 2010 census data and asking the Eastern District of Virginia to order new elections this year under the updated districts.

Patch - Strawberry Supermoon To Rise Over Virginia, DC This Week. Get ready to see a spectacular sight in the sky this week! It's a supermoon, and it rises around 8 p.m. Eastern Time over Virginia and DC.

📊 COVID-19 & Vaccine Data

COVID-19 In Virginia:

The Virginia Department of Health reported Monday that the statewide total for COVID-19 cases is 1,824,660. The 1,824,660 consists of 1,305,021 confirmed and 519,639 probable cases. There are 20,441 COVID-19 deaths, and Virginia’s 7-day positivity rate is now at 18.0%.

Vaccine Summary: As of Monday, June 13

  • Total Doses Administered: 15,995,168

  • People Vaccinated with at least 1 dose: 7,079,259 or 82.4%

  • % of Adults (18+) Vaccinated with at least 1 dose: 93.3%

  • People Fully Vaccinated: 6,244,358 or 73.9%

  • % of Adults (18+) Fully Vaccinated: 83.8%

  • People Vaccinated with Booster / Third dose: 3,121,164

For more information on Virginia's vaccination efforts, please visit or call 877-VAX-IN-VA source:


Thanks for joining us this week!

Please be kind and respect one another, we are all in this together.

- Maria Reynoso, Editor in Chief


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