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Happy Crossover!

If the Virginia General Assembly had an unofficial holiday, it would be Crossover.

So, what's crossover?

Crossover is considered the unofficial midway point of the session. This is the deadline for each chamber to act on its own bills during the 2022 General Assembly Session.

At crossover, bills passed by the House go to the Senate for consideration and bills passed by the Senate go to the House.

Several issues must be addressed by the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates at the midpoint of the 2022 General Assembly session. Proposals to speed up legal sales of marijuana, cut taxes and key initiatives of Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration are on the line.

Note that bills that passed in their original house may face entirely new challenges in front of a new set of elected officials. Also note that bills not passed in the first house die and can no longer be considered.

After this mid-point, the overall legislative workload lessens and makes room for the budget talks and negotiations. The 60-day legislative session is set to adjourn on March 12.


- Maria, Editor in Chief


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