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Virginia Voter Sample Ballot

POP QUIZ 📝 Do you know who’s running for office in Virginia?

Welcome back everyone 😁 Today we are sharing another resource to prepare for the Election happening NOW in Virginia.

🛑 Before we get started, be sure to save this blog post and share with friends & family‼

Your ballot is not a pop quiz! Whether you’re voting early or on Election day, make sure you know who and what is on your ballot to ensure you are #BallotReady so you feel confident casting your vote. #NVEW2021#WeVoteVA 🗳

Meet all the candidates running for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. Check out their top priorities based on their campaign website.

Candidates for Governor:

🟡Princess Blanding (LP) -

🔵Terry McAuliffe (D) -

🔴Glenn Youngkin (R) -

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor:

🔵Hala Ayala (D) -

🔴Winsome Sears (R) -

Candidates for Attorney General:

🔵 Mark Herring (D) -

🔴 Jason Miyares (R) -

Remember, this sample ballot is just the beginning!

This is just the beginning, with the information provided above, we encourage everyone take the next steps to be #VoteReady:

  1. MAKE A LIST: List all the candidates you like or are interested in learning more about. Find all the candidates running in your area by checking your sample ballot.

  2. RESEARCH: Search the candidates websites and social media to learn more about them, their platform and vision for Virginia.

  3. MAKE A PLAN: Once you've decided which candidates you will vote for, make a plan to vote! Find your polling station and decide when and how you want to vote.

  4. 🗳#VoteReady! Once you know all the above, you’re ready to GO VOTE!!

- - -

✅ Follow up @we_vote_ va for more on Virginia news, politics, elections and more.

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