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Primary Voter Guide

Hey Virginia! The Primary Election is now 5 days away - have you prepared yet?

If not, no worries! We’re here to help. We made a Virginia Primary Voting Guide to help you through the primary election. Find the different ways you can vote, meet the candidates, and fill out your voting checklist. The Candidates: We listed all the candidates running for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. All information is sourced directly from their websites and we encourage you to check out the candidates’ top priorities and make a plan to vote!

Republican Candidates: As mentioned, the Republican nominees that won during their Convention in May will face off the winners from the June 8 election in the November General Election. (we’ll have more info on that too as we get closer to the election - so stay tuned and follow us if you aren’t already!)

🔴Nominee for Governor: Glenn Youngkin (R) -

🔴Nominee for Lieutenant Governor: Winsome Sears (R) -

🔴Nominee for Attorney General: Jason Miyares (R) -

Candidates for Governor:

🟡Princess Blanding (I) -

🔵Lee Carter (D) -

🔵Justin Fairfax (D) -

🔵Jennifer Carroll Foy (D) -

🔵Terry McAuliffe (D) -

🔵Jennifer McClellan (D) -

Democratic Candidates for Lieutenant Governor:

🔵Hala Ayala -

🔵Mark Levine -

🔵Andria McClellan -

🔵Sean Perryman -

🔵Sam Rasoul -

🔵Xavier Warren -

Democratic Candidates for Attorney General:

🔵 Mark Herring -

🔵 Jay Jones -

Now that you've met all the candidates, we recommend you take the next steps;

  • Make a list: List all the candidates you like or are interested in learning more about.

  • Research their website and social media

  • Make a plan to Vote: When, where, and what time?

  • Find your polling station

  • Get out and VOTE!

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