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Make Your Plan to Vote, Virginia!

Do you know what YOU NEED to Vote?

Happy Voter Education Week! We’re excited to share our VOTE READY CHECKLIST so everyone is best prepared to vote in this election. Being #VotePlanReady means you know ALL of your options for voting and have chosen the best one for you.

Take some time to review the checklist below and think about your plan to vote and get ready to put your plan in place! #NVEW2021 #WeVoteVA 🗳

⭐️ I’m registered to vote or updated my registration

⭐️ I’ve decided when and what time I’m voting

⭐️ I know my voting location address

⭐️ I requested my absentee ballot if i’m voting by mail

⭐️ I know who i’m voting for in each position

⭐️ I know what ID I need to vote

⭐️ I’m #VotePlanReady🗳

Additionally, here are some Important Dates to remember:

➡️ October 12 - Last day to Register to Vote

➡️ October 21 - Last day to Request your Absentee ballot by 5pm

➡️ October 30 - Last day to Vote Early In-person

➡️ November 2 - Election Day 🗳

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