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Election Day Impact!


Hey Virginia! Today we are excited to share with you the impact we made during the May Republican Primary and June Democratic Primary Election !!

✅All your LIKES, SHARES, and SAVES made a big impact in these elections, helping us inform thousands of voters about the candidates and getting people out to vote!

⭐One of our biggest goals at We Vote VA is to inform as many Virginians about elections, and with your help, we were able to make that happen!

With your help, we were able to:

🔸Directly help 64 people register to vote, 4 of which were service members overseas!

🔸You all helped us share information about the Republican Convention and Democraic Primary over 9,990+ times.

🔸And engaged over 80,000+ Virginians in our social media campaign!!

📍To help continue our goal of informing and engaging all Virginians about the upcoming November Elections and much more, Follow us @we_vote_va and share our information with friends and family!

📊All data was provided by our Instagram insights over the last 2 months. This includes our 10 part social media Election Engagement series in which we shared information about the May Convention and the June Primary.

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